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Former Navy SEAL Throws Tantrum as Meghan Markle Skips Line, Pulls Prince Harry to Stand Before Others

Tony, a former Navy SEAL, voiced exasperation when Meghan declined to wait in queue and instead urged Prince Harry to move ahead of others. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle publicly appeared in downtown San Diego to officially open a new Veteran Centre.


This event occurred promptly after they verified the absence of any correspondence from the King on his imminent birthday party.While on their journey, the pair made a visit to the United States Navy SEALs in order to commemorate the formal inauguration of a newly established training facility known as the West Coast Warrior Fitness Programme.

Meghan and Harry interacted with veterans, soldiers and women, as well as their loved ones. Meghan greeted the small assemblage that had assembled for the grand opening by waving, but she did not halt to engage with her admirers outside.

Meghan was sophisticated in a polished, well-fitted black suit and displayed a cheerful demeanour as she participated in the ribbon-cutting event with officials. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, she indicated towards the crowd and asked if they were queuing up, suggesting that she desired a group of people to join her inside.


Conversely, Harry exhibited a greater degree of restraint compared to his wife, oftentimes displaying a wrinkled brow while attentively listening to official speeches. Upon receiving gratitude for their assistance, Harry expressed a concise expression of appreciation while Meghan radiated with joy.

A camera recorded a moment of discomfort as Meghan abruptly redirected Prince Harry’s attention from a conversation he was engaged in with another individual at the celebration. At that moment, it appeared that she was being ignored by everyone.

Meghan had to physically lead Harry before they witnessed Foundation CEO Robin King perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony. She displayed a strong desire to position herself at the forefront of the gathering, behaving as if she were the host and endeavouring to assert authority.

Meghan’s conduct often involved going ahead of Harry, presumably attempting to underline her significance and occasionally leaving him in a state of seclusion. She frequently positioned herself in the spotlight, opting not to stand alongside Harry.


Meghan’s behaviour, along with her failure to allow Harry to participate in talks independently, created a situation where it appeared to be her event rather than his. She persistently interrupted and chuckled during his discussions, depriving him of any chance to have confidential interactions.

Meghan’s behaviour demonstrates her inclination to impose her authority and exert control over Harry, even in situations when it may not be warranted. Meghan’s activities frequently outshine her husband, which could be a factor in his restrained behaviour in similar situations.

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