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Four women involved in chaotic semi-naked Las Vegas brawl were fighting over the a married man, cops reveal

Four women involved in chaotic semi-naked Las Vegas brawl were fighting over the a married man, cops reveal

Four women who were caught on camera in a vicious hair-pulling brawl at one of Las Vegas’ most upscale hotels earlier this month were fighting over a married man.

The catfight between the scantily-clad women broke out a little before 6pm on July 9 at the Wynn, drawing a crowd of spectators and later going viral online.

A redacted police report has now revealed that the brawl broke out after a furious wife allegedly attacked her husband’s lover and her friend at the five-star hotel.

The angry wife along with her friend allegedly ambushed love rival Amanda Collado, 29, and her friend Danielle Pertusiello, 24. The latter woman is seen in the footage with her skirt pulled up to expose her thong as she fights on the deck.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police report obtained by Fox News Digital, Pertusiello and Collado had left a rooftop pool party at the hotel and were walking to the bathrooms near the casino when they claim they were ambushed.

Pertusiello told cops that they were ‘hit from behind by closed fists in the back of the head.

‘Danielle turned and immediately recognized her attack[er],’ according to the report.

Pertusiello told police during her interview that she ‘has been dating/sleeping with a married man,’ and that the woman believed to be his wife had caught him ‘cheating on her with Danielle.’

Both the woman and her husband’s names were blacked out in the report. He was not in town during the fight, the report stated.

As a result of the redactions, it is not clear if the jilted woman is the brunette in jean shorts or the blonde in sweatpants.

Police reviewed security footage of the fight which showed, according to the report, the moment the woman and her friend – one of whom was the alleged wife – tapped Pertusiello and Collado on the shoulders before ‘all four females start throwing punches at each other.’

Two separate videos that went viral on social media also captured parts of the brawl, with the first showing one of the women – wearing a gold-colored outfit, pinning another – wearing a black and white top and denim shorts, on to the casino’s red carpet.

Following an audible slapping sound, the person filming the brawl can be heard exclaiming ‘God damn!’, clearly shocked as the fight gets even more violent.

A bystander tried to separate the women and was able to pin one of them against the wall but Pertusiello came at him armed with a pink-heeled flip-flop.

In the second clip, the woman in the cream sweatpants is shown on a battery scooter – parked near one of the casino’s poker tables – once again fighting the woman in gold, with the two locked in a vice grip.

This time, the man in blue and a security guard have stepped in, with one of them heard shouting ‘calm down at the women as they try to pull them apart.

The woman in the cream outfit is almost horizontal on the scooter as she and the woman in gold hold on to each other, slapping and kicking out. The man filing is heard saying ‘dude, this s**t is crazy’ as a crowd watches on.

Finally, the men are able to pull the two women apart, with the security guard pulling the woman in gold on to the floor and pinning her down, her arms behind her back.

Pertusiello and Collado were issued citations for disorderly conduct and released.

Police attempted to interview the other woman in the fight, but when they went to her room, she had cleared out, and did not answer her phone, according to the report.

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