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Fox News Faces Challenges Without Trump in GOP Debates


Former President Donald Trump’s absence from the second GOP debate has sent shockwaves through the world of conservative news and political commentary.

Fox News, once known for its fiery clashes with Tucker Carlson and the presence of Donald Trump, is now facing a challenging situation.

Without Trump in the mix, the GOP debates have lost their luster, becoming somewhat of a snooze fest.
Advertisers are feeling the impact, with one ad buyer expressing their dissatisfaction, stating, “Sans Trump… these debates just aren’t big-time TV.”


Fox News has been forced to make significant adjustments in response to dwindling viewership and a lack of the charismatic ex-president.

According to a report by CNN, the network has had to reduce its advertising rates dramatically, with the price for a 30-second advertisement during the upcoming debate dropping from $495,000 to a mere $225,000.

Even the run-up to the debate will see prices for 30-second ads at $125,000.

Other networks are diverting their attention to President Trump, who plans to deliver a speech to the United Auto Workers during the same time slot.


This strategic move places him in front of a crucial audience in a swing state, potentially benefiting him in the upcoming general election.

President Biden, on the other hand, needs the support of this union crowd but has faced dissatisfaction due to perceived inaction during their ongoing strike with major automotive companies.

The challenges for Fox News are set to continue, as President Trump has already indicated his intention to skip the third GOP debate as well.

While his exact plans remain unknown, his ability to command viewership that rivals or surpasses Fox is undeniable, as demonstrated during the first debate when he held a competing interview with Tucker Carlson.

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