Fredo Bang & Foolio Team Up To Drop “Murda Man”

Fredo Bang and Julio Foolio both have one thing in common– their ability to garner a fanbase in multiple ways. While both have been utilizing their musical talents for a while now, they have also managed to gain supporters through their social media presence– Fredo by doing funny IG lives and Foolio by beefing with his opps online.

In fact, the internet is part of the reason that their newest collab has gotten so much traction. On Friday, September 2, their latest release, “Murda Man” dropped on streaming platforms. The two-and-a-half-minute record was presented by No More Heroes, a Chicago-based collective. With its hard-hitting beat, the two artists rapped about running down on their enemies.

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Aside from the catchy lyrics and untamed flow, the song has generated a lot of popularity because of Foolio’s latest statements. Following the death of his adversary, JayDaYoungan, Foolio had a lot to say. Then, once everyone heard that he linked up with Fredo, the heat got put on him, forcing him to issue a statement saying, “That song over a year old, kill the messy sh*t.”

Aside from the track, the two also collaborated to make a music video– which has already garnered over 400,000 views. Stream the song and watch the visuals below.
Quotable Lyrics

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When a opp drop, I do the murda man dance
Off-white jeans, glock tucked in my pants
I just f*cked this b*tch, she was my number one fan
When I don’t got no percs, I just boot up off the xan

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