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Georgia Woman Says She’s An FBI Agent, Demands Free Food From Chick-Fil-A… Definitely Not An FBI Agent

According to Fox News, woman tried to scam her way into some free chicken nugs by telling a Dallas, Georgia, Chick-fil-A employee that she was an FBI agent and she should get free food.


When employees of the restaurant refused to comply with her demands, because, well… does this look like an FBI agent? She threatened to “arrest” them.

When police showed up, she still insisted that she was an FBI agent, and even began talking to a “radio” in her shirt.

She was arrested on charges of impersonating an officer.


Rockmart Police Chief Randy Turner said, “We are thankful for the observant and professional staff at CFA who knew what to do and gathered the info needed for us to make our case and catch her in the act.

We would like to inform our citizens to call 911 if someone is claiming to be an officer if they aren’t in a marked car, or in a proper uniform, or if they don’t have the proper credentials.”

Honestly, of all fast food restaurants… Chick-Fil-A has be the one place where you could maybe pull this off. They’re almost too nice there.

During Hurricane Harvey, an elderly man called and ordered two chicken burritos and boat and the manager’s husband came and got them on a boat. McDonald’s sure as hell ain’t doing that shit.

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