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Giant lump left desperate mom fearing the worst and thinking her baby had a second head, ‘then doctors made a troubling discovery’!

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful experience, and everyone wants to be blessed with a healthy baby, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.


But, like having a baby girl is an amazing experience, several reasons why having a baby boy is also the most joyful experience.

Since boys bond differently to their parents than girls, certain experiences will be exclusive to you if you are the parents of a baby boy.

The then-20-year-old mom, Ellie, was stunned when she saw a large lump coming from son Harry’s shoulder, initially fearing her baby had a second head.


Revealing her initial shock, she said: ‘When I opened my eyes as they handed me to him I was so shocked, I thought he’d been born with two heads.

‘I had no idea what it was – whether it was cancer or a tumour or something he’d have forever, it was really scary.’

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