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Girl Kindly Holds Restaurant Door Open, Only To Hear Woman’s Remark And Decide To Voice Out

In our world we think that making a connection is on our phones or online. We have closed ourselves off from truly being social. Often, we do not want to reach out to anyone in the flesh.


Busy has become a part of the list of things to do. If you respond that you are too busy to someone you automatically receive a silent nod in agreement and understanding.

The cycle is never ending. In the moments when there is time to just be by yourself you want to say nothing and sit in silence. Despite being so busy and wanting a moment to ourselves it is still good to extend oneself.

Stretching to be more of a nice human rather than a busy one could make another person’s day.


Engaging in real conversation, not on a digital device, with someone could serve them as well as ourselves.

This could also brighten someone else’s day.

This is what opens us to the world and gets us to put down our electronic devices if only for a moment.

Naysayers may say that its best to mind one’s own business, but perhaps not.


We are more than just the long list of tasks that we have that keep us busy.

We are more than our places of employment. Being in the moment is to be alive.

When Brooke Ochoa went to lunch she could have stayed glued to her phone.

Brooke could have detached from her environment and been in the virtual world.


Instead, she tuned in. She looked at people and noticed Delores.

A beautiful thing happened due to Brooke tuning in to the world around her: she held the door for the lady.

In return, this elder was thankful.

Brooke then overheard the lady say that she was dining alone.


Brooke was hesitant, but took the plunge and extended herself.

She offered that they should have lunch together.

The lady was thrilled and excited!

As they dined together, no longer two solo people, they Brooke learned more about Delores.


Her mom recently passed and her aunt was recently placed in to a nursing home.

Delores was having a hard time coping of being alone and by herself.

The talk was filled with Delores smiling and being thankful for a kind ear to hear her.


Her smiles were infectious and Brooke couldn’t help but smile too.

Two lonely people were getting healing from each other.

Brook knew this was the best decision to not be on her device, but to be in the moment.

From now on, every Thursday, Brooke and Delores will be having lunch together.

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