Good news for Amazon Prime Customers as Amazon is offering Grubhub plus free for a year

Amazon Prime is offering current customers a free membership to Grubhub Plus for an entire year!

All Amazon Prime members in the U.S. will receive a free year of Grubhub Plus, which is the monthly subscription service that offers free food delivery on orders over $12 from participating restaurants.

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Without the free year of service, Grubhub Plus is a regular fee of $9.99 a month. For those who already have a GrubHub Plus membership, they can also receive the free year of service, which will begin at the start of their next billing cycle.

If you’re wondering just how many restaurants are included in the new promotion, don’t worry because Amazon says that there are hundreds of thousands of restaurants across over 4,000 cities that are part of the new feature. As for what happens when the free year comes to an end, well Amazon Prime notes that Grubhub will automatically start charging $9.99 a month for continued access to Grubhub Plus unless cancelled before the end of the trial period. However, it should be noted that if you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you will also cancel your Grubhub Plus membership.

Speaking about the new offer, Grubhub CEO Adam DeWitt stated the following:

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“Amazon has redefined convenience with Prime and we’re confident this offering will expose many new diners to the value of Grubhub Plus while driving more business to our restaurant partners and drivers.”

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DeWitt also said that he believes the partnership with Amazon will likely drive up permanent subscriptions to Grubhub.

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