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GOP Hypocrisy Exposed: Party Promises to Pardon January 6th Insurrectionists, But Claims to Stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom

LA Democratic strategist, Kurt Bardella, has accused the GOP of hypocrisy surrounding Donald Trump. Bardella, a former Republican operative, appeared on MSNBC’s Ayman on Saturday to discuss the cognitive dissonance within the modern GOP.


Bardella pointed out that Trump has promised to pardon people who participated in the January 6th attack on the Capitol, which he called “the darkest day of our democratic process that we’ve ever had.” He argued that this is hypocritical, as the Republican base often puts a great deal of emphasis on faith, family, and freedom. “Every time there’s a holiday involving a military recognition, they’re the first ones flying the American flags on their trucks,” Bardella said. “And yet the very thing that those men and women who have sacrificed everything for, the very thing that they do that for, is the thing that Donald Trump and his band of idiots tried to destroy on January 6th.”

Bardella went on to say that the GOP’s cognitive dissonance is “on another level.” He argued that it is “mind-boggling” that the party would once again believe that nominating Trump is the best way to return to power. “The GOP is not really a political party,” Bardella said. “It’s a white-collar criminal organization.”

Bardella’s comments come as the GOP is facing increasing scrutiny over its ties to Trump and his allies. In recent months, several high-profile Republicans have been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack. The committee has also obtained a trove of documents and testimony that appears to show that Trump and his allies were aware of the potential for violence on January 6th, but did nothing to stop it.


It remains to be seen whether the GOP will be able to overcome the cognitive dissonance that Bardella has identified. However, if the party does not do so, it is likely to continue to face challenges in the years to come.

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