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Grieving mother sings one last song for son moments before he died after a gang of youngsters did the unimaginable!

According to his parents, their son, Jack, grew up in a happy home. Once he grew up and ventured out of the home, he settled down. He had gotten a job at Amazon and wanted to live nearer to his workplace.


His current residence had gone through a robbery and an assault which led him to decide to move. His mother, Zoey, says that her little boy was waiting on social services to alert him about any other apartment openings he could consider as his next home.

He was recommended to move into a hostel till a new place became available. He had however been staying with his family in their vacation house.

On his last night before he moved into the hostel, he was spending some time with his girlfriend. His mother recalled her teenage son sending videos of him enjoying the fair on October 16. Later that night, the mother reportedly got a call that changed her entire life. Her son’s girlfriend contacted her and gave her some earth-shattering news; her son had been stabbed.


She and her husband rushed to the hospital to be by Jack’s side as he battled for his life. She was shaken to her core about what had happened, unable to understand why it had happened. Her son had been dropping his girlfriend off at the bus stop when he had fallen victim to the vicious attack. He was stabbed by a group of young boys.

He passed away on October 17 because of his injuries. His family was left devastated by his passing. His mother posted a heartbreaking tribute to her late son on Facebook. “How am I to get through this hell hole. My strength is slipping away slowly without my kids I am nothing. You were the reason I chose to live life to the full,” she wrote.

Upon investigation, officials found out that he had been attacked by a gang of youngsters. The attackers were all aged 14-17 years old and had no particular motive to attack Jack. After her son’s passing, the mother posted an emotional video of some of her final moments with her son.

In the video, she is singing the lyrics of Dani and Lizzy’s “Dancing in the Sky” to her beloved boy. She wanted to raise awareness about the damage knife-related crimes can cause!

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