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‘Grieving’ wife spends money from GoFundMe to pays off husband’s killer

On the morning of October 9, 2020, a man was shot seven times right in front of his wife while they were on a walk near their home in Oak Cliff, Texas.


Jennifer Faith, who claimed to have witnessed the traumatizing ambush, told police how a masked man came out of nowhere and fired multiple rounds at her 49-year-old partner, Jamie, killing him right there.

Apparently the shooter duct-taped her hands and forced her to the ground to prevent her from running away. While people sympathized with the woman’s horrifying story, they soon realized that she wasn’t quite telling the truth.

And after a months-long investigation, the detective arrested the widow for plotting and hiring someone to kill her husband.


She ultimately pleaded guilty to planning and carrying out her husband’s murder in February 2022 but now more disturbing details have come to light in a new episode of 48 Hours. According to CBS News, Jennifer orchestrated the murder plot with the help of her former high school lover, Darrin Lopez, after they reconnected at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. She even admitted to one of her friends that she had been having an “emotional affair” with Darrin.

Lopez also happens to be the hitman who shit and killed the American Airlines manager. Jennifer was extremely calculating as she knew Darrin, who had suffered a traumatic brain injury in the past while serving in Iraq, would be vulnerable to her lies. To win him over, she lied about being abused by her husband, when in reality investigator never found any evidence to prove this claim.

She even creates fake email accounts to send Darrin messages pretending to be Jamie and would disturbingly brag about abusing her. To convince him, she sent him many pictures of her alleged injuries which were later discovered to be a blend of stock photos and images from her 2012 car accident.


When a frustrated Darrin confessed to wanting to “put a bullet” in Jamie’s head for his actions, Jennifer allegedly said, “If it were up to me I would tell you to go for it with your idea — lol. I’ll give you an alibi.” Jennifer even fooled trusting, generous people in the community after her neighbor, Jennifer Svelan, created a GoFundMe page in Jamie’s memory.The fundraiser raised over $60,000 but it became a “pay-off” account her the innocent man’s killer.

It was revealed in The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith, that Jennifer would often use the money from the GoFundMe page to spoil Darrin with expensive gifts like a large screen Samsung television and airlines tickets for her boyfriend and his daughters. She even gave him access to her credit cards and asked him to use it whenever and however he pleases.

There were other ways in which Jennifer blew out the GoFundMe fund clean in just two months leaving the contributors shocked to learn that she did not even pay $6500 to the funeral home that put her husband to rest. “I look at it more as not stealing from GoFundMe but stealing from her family, her friends, her community … people who loved Jamie. That’s who she was stealing from,” said Svelan.


Both lovers are now facing life sentences. While a murder-for-hire charge carries the death penalty in Texaas, prosecutors agreed to recommend life in prison instead. Jennifer is currently in custody waiting for the court’s decision and Darrin is in prison awaiting his trial.

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