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Harry Allegedly Seeks Financial Support from Prince Charles Amidst Revelations about Meghan

In a shocking turn of events, Prince Harry is rumored to have approached his father, Prince Charles, for financial assistance during the funeral days.


It is believed that during this time, King Charles III confronted Harry with evidence that Meghan Markle is allegedly a fraud, leaving him deeply disturbed.

Sources claim that Meghan had intentionally tried to imitate aspects of Princess Diana’s life even before meeting Harry.

The breaking point for Harry seems to have been when the couple was presented with the manuscript of the Space Y and the Crocus series by Netflix.


In an itemized fashion, it was pointed out how Meghan contradicted herself repeatedly between the book and the series.

This revelation led to Harry initiating the separation, and they filed for separation in the UK.

Although there were rumors circulating about the separation, Lady C was the first to officially confirm the news.

However, she clarified that it was a pre-separation agreement and not an official separation yet.


Reports suggest that Harry has not been home for weeks and is currently in the Bay Area, possibly seeking solace in alcohol.

Opinions on the matter are divided, with some expressing concern over Harry’s well-being.

There are doubts about whether he truly felt sickened by Meghan’s manipulations or if he is being emotionally manipulated himself.

The PR campaign for his memoir is in full swing, leading some to believe that he is complicit and under Meghan’s control.


It is argued that Harry’s attachment to Meghan is not solely based on his inability to see the truth.

There are underlying psychological vulnerabilities and manipulations at play.

Even if King Charles III were to present Harry with evidence of Meghan’s infidelity, it is unlikely to sway him from his loyalty towards her.

The question arises: what will happen if the couple’s divorce is publicly announced?


Given their fragile egos, it would not be surprising.

Many believe that King Charles should not trust Harry and should be cautious about allowing him back into the family fold, as there is a high chance of him returning to Meghan.

On the other hand, Meghan might view the divorce as an opportunity to showcase her strength and resilience.

It would demonstrate her ability to overcome any adversity and continue with her life, despite the apparent tragic ending to their fairy tale-like relationship.


Alternatively, if they separate and reconcile, it would serve as a testament to Meghan’s determination and belief in the power of love.

This perspective is shared by someone who has been married for ten years and cherishes their own relationship.

Some argue that the divorce is not solely a result of Meghan’s scheming, as both Harry and Meghan lack the acting skills and subtlety required for such manipulation.

There have been numerous instances where their behavior hinted at problems and resentment within their relationship.


If it were up to Meghan, she would undoubtedly exploit the separation for publicity purposes, using it as material for podcasts or interviews.

However, this has not been the case, further supporting the idea that the separation is genuine and not orchestrated by Meghan.

The future remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the Harry and Meghan saga continues to captivate the public’s attention, leaving many wondering what lies ahead for the couple.

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