‘He dressed like woman’: More details about Highland Park shooter released

More details about Robert Bobby Crimo, suspected man behind Highland Park shooting have been released.

According to Authorities, apart from Robert Bobby Crimo planning the Highland Park shooting for weeks, He purchased a handgun for his alleged attack and dressed like a woman to conceal his facial tattoos and remain inconspicuous, also to blend into the crowd.

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Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said because of His disguise He flee the scene unnoticed to His mother house who is reportedly living in a nearby area.

He used his Mother’s vehicle to transport himself to and from the parade. It wasn’t certain of the exact kind of women’s attire Crimo was wearing.

According to eyewitnesses he had long hair, which means he was likely wearing some sort of wig.

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Robert Bobby Crimo is expected to be formally charged during a press conference, according to the Illinois State Attorney General.

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