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He found hidden door in his back yard and it ‘changed his life forever’!

Purchasing a new home is an exciting adventure within itself, but whenJohn bought a house from a friend it was likely the last thing he expected to find something extraordinary.


For John, it came as an unexpected bonus when he purchased his home from a friend. After the sale went through, the previous owner let John in on a seriously cool secret: a Cold War-era bomb shelter might be buried in his backyard!

Upon hearing rumor of the abandoned shelter, John immediately requested a shovel and started exploring.

Several hours of digging yielded little result and he began to lose hope. Exhausted and worried the shelter had collapsed or been built under layers of brick, Sims decided to hire someone to help. Using a metal detector Sims and the specialist were able to identify exactly where to start excavating.


The detector had located a large metal cap three foot under the soil. Sims started shoveling and eventually uncovered the entrance to a 54 year-old Cold War bomb shelter. With the help of a consultant who used metal detectors, John identified the spot where he should start. He dug about three feet into the dirt before hitting the jackpot: the metal cap covering the entrance.

The new homeowner made sure to wait at least a day before exploring the inside. Being a captain with local Fire Department, he fully understands the dangers posed by confined spaces, especially ones that haven’t disturbed in over half a century.

Once he deemed it safe enough to enter, John descended the spiral stairs and found himself inside a fiberglass dome shelter filled with rubble. While he may not have come across those exact items, he’s still excited at the prospect of being able to use the bunker as a hideaway for himself. In fact, he’s already mucked out the rubble. He even outfitted the shelter with some genuine artifacts he bought from a local high school’s fallout shelter.

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