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He jumps off the hot air balloon without a parachute, thinking that his friends would save him

He jumps off the hot air balloon without a parachute, thinking that his friends would save him. Parachute jumping is perhaps one of the most common dreams that everyone has on their “things to do before you die” list.

However, there are few who, when the time comes, dare to jump into the void since it is also one of the most terrifying things in the world. Antipendik Hayman, a young Finnish adrenaline junkie and lover of extreme things, decided to take things to the next level. So, one fine day, he jumped out of a hot air balloon, but this time without a parachute.

If you think skydiving is an activity you would enjoy, and you are one of those who love the feeling that produces a good adrenaline rush, you should know that to get started in this extreme sport, you need to have an instructor.


First, he will be in charge of keeping you safe and bringing you alive to a safe landing. He will also activate the parachute at the right time. Auntie Pendekainen had been skydiving all his life. He was already experienced in jumping from enormous heights, so it wasn’t something that scared him at all.

On the contrary, he loved the feeling of falling at speeds of 120 miles per hour and flying through the clouds. On any given day, he was flying in a hot air balloon with two of his friends. They intended to parachute, even though the temperature was really low at that level of the atmosphere, and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. His friends knew he was up to something, but they never knew what it was. He turns on the camera and starts talking.

He began by telling about the dream he had that morning in which he saw that he could fly. His friends gave him a confused look. They understood where it was all going, and they didn’t think it was funny at all. Suddenly, Auntie undoes his parachute while smiling at the camera, confirming his friend’s fears. Although he is a stuntman and is used to doing all kinds of crazy things, this one far surpassed them all.

He planned to jump out of the balloon without a parachute. His friends immediately shouted, “What are you doing?” But he simply continued to smile at the camera. The truth was that he had a plan. Grabbing the parachute he’d just taken off, he held it in his hands for a few moments and then, without further ado, threw it out of the hot air balloon.


But that wasn’t all. Wasting no time, he shed the t-shirt he was wearing. He wanted his flying experience to be truly amazing. The next few minutes documented in Auntie’s video could easily kill our nerves. He adjusts his goggles and looks once again at the camera.

“Let’s have some fun,” he says and jumps into the void. His two companions jump in behind him. They plan to catch him midair before things get out of hand. This is perhaps one of the most adrenaline-pumping moments in skydiving history, and he wasn’t kidding. He had actually jumped without a parachute on his back.

He felt free. He was flying like the superheroes in the movies. The whole thing was immense madness. “If there’s a risk, it’s there, and it has to be taken, and I’m going to take it,” Randy’s words to his friends before he jumped. He continued to descend at high speed.

You could tell he was really enjoying it. However, after passing through a cloud, it seemed that not everything was going according to plan, and he hadn’t even bothered to get a hold of the parachute he dropped from the balloon. It was then that his friends knew they had to intervene. After another minute of free fall, one of the two men with parachutes prepares to pull Antipendicaine into safety. The task is far from easy.


First, he has to get close enough to his friend to be able to hook him in. If anyone had been watching this spectacle from below, they would first of all wonder what a half-naked man was doing falling at full speed from the sky towards them. His friend prepares the hook, and fortunately, they manage to get close enough to each other to hold hands. Just then, they enter a cloud. In the midst of the fog, the man manages to latch onto Auntie’s belt and finally pulls him to safety.

He holds on to his friend tightly. He knows that if he lets go, things could turn tragic. The only thing left now is a safe place to land after the jump. He told the media that he spent a whole year practicing for this jump and that it was something he’d always wanted to do. “I’m never afraid.

Next time, I want to do something even more fun and crazy.” At the age of only 25, Andy had already performed stunts that others could only imagine. Since he was a child, he enjoyed doing all kinds of stunts, and now he could also say that he jumped from a hot air balloon without a parachute and lived to tell the tale. Not many can say that they’ve flown and chased clouds as Auntie Penta Kanan did, and for sure, many will seek to imitate his feats. Unfortunately, on May 26, 2019, during the Resverat Grand National round of the European Cross Country Cup, Andy had a motorcycle accident.

He died in Vesavima at the age of 29. Despite his young age, Andy was able to accumulate in these years more memories and experiences than most of us. He is gone, leaving a big void in the hearts of his family, friends, and fans. However, we must admit that he lived his life to the fullest, even if only for a brief while.

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