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He was pronounced dead for 20 minutes, but ‘what he saw drastically changed the rest of his life forever’!

Some people who have had a brush with death report experiencing a sensation of moving down a tunnel towards a bright light.


The sensation of moving down a tunnel towards a bright light, reliving past memories and hearing or seeing deceased relatives have all been reported by people from many cultures who have had a brush with death. Sceptics, however, say these experiences could be caused by people hallucinating as they recover in hospital.

Scott was dead for 20 minutes. It’s a story that few know about because he’s kept it close to his heart for decades. But after all these years, he has decided that now is the time for him to share his near-death experience.

When he was asked ‘why’ in an interview, he said: “Well, the thing that kind of brought to mind was what’s happening right now with the COVID-19. There are so many people out there that are afraid of what might happen to them, and it’s not a fear for me because of what I’ve gone through.”


Wesly, who headed up the project to record Scott’s experience said, “Scott shares his amazing near-death experience of what he felt and saw when he was pronounced dead for 20 minutes. It is a very personal and tender moment in his life, a moment that drastically changed the rest of his life forever.”

With the help of Wesly, Scott decided to share this story now in hopes that it will help all of the people suffering and wondering about what will happen to them and their loved ones.

Wesley sat down with Scott for a brief interview in which Scott shares how he was injured while skiing, complications he had during surgery due to a nurse unfamiliar with the procedure, and the resulting visit he had to the afterlife where he was accompanied by a familiar person.

As you watch this video, you will sense the sincerity and goodness of Scott. It’s a testament to his story and his intent for sharing this message in the first place.


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