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Heartbroken Mother Forced to Remove 4-Year-Old’s Grave Marker Due to a Single Complaint!

A 42-year-old mother named Jo Corbett-weeks has lost her 4-year-old son’s headstone, despite saving up at least $4,580 for a custom made one in the shape of a teddy bear.

Her son, Max Corbett-Gardener died three years ago due to epilepsy. He was laid to rest in the Great Malvern Cemetery, in order for his loved ones to commemorate his 7th birthday.

After three days, Max’s star headstone was removed by some council chiefs located in Worcestershire. The Malvern Town Council had taken action – Max’s headstone broke the rules. Max’s family members are now trying to get it restored in its rightful place.

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Max’s original headstone was in the shape of a star – his favorite. And now, its gone for good.

A spokesman representing Malvern Town Council defended the action, deeming it necessary to prevent any unnecessary grief to the deceased’s loved ones.

The complaint wasn’t about the shape – it was just procedure.

Had the family submitted the correct and required documents, Max would have been laid to rest in the children’s area instead of the adult’s, and would have retained his star headstone.

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The local town council and Corbett-Week family are now discussing the terms of an alternative placement for Max’s headstone.

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The family should be allowed to grief.

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