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Heartbroken Widow Hounded By In-Laws To Return Wedding Ring After Husband’s Passing

It’s difficult to get over the loss of someone special in your life. It’s crucial to grieve and lament their passing until you’re ready to go on with your life. One sad widow has been fighting to move on from her husband’s death, and her in-laws have been completely unhelpful. They have, in fact, done the exact opposite and made her life a living hell.


The social media user detailed how she lost her longtime partner roughly six months ago in a post to Reddit on July 2, 2021. They had been together for seven years and had been blissfully married for one and a half of those years.

It’s been extremely difficult for her to grieve the loss of someone she adored, and her in-laws haven’t helped matters by demanding that she hand up the jewelry that Daniel, her late husband, had purchased for her. Daniel had given the nameless woman an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity band over the course of their relationship.

The wife, who was still grieving over her husband’s death, couldn’t understand why his family demanded she surrender her jewelry to them. The message has since been removed, but it has been circulating the internet and has created a discussion in response to the widow’s request for help on how to deal with the difficult circumstance.


While some believe it is understandable that the family would want something to remember their son by, others have stood by the widow, who is also grieving.

According to Cafe Mom, the Reddit poster did not provide any information but did say that Daniel perished in an accident. He had previously given her an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity band as a wedding anniversary present to commemorate their first year of marriage.

Following Daniel’s untimely demise, the heartbroken wife voiced her heartbreak. Though she did not go into detail about what caused her husband’s death, her anguish was palpable in her post. “It still doesn’t feel real,” she added, “but every day I’m trying to live life the way he’d want me to.”

“I haven’t had much touch with his family since the burial six months ago,” the OP said, “I assume we were all suffering and needed to recover.”


She went on to say that she had received a call from her sister-in-law at the time she was writing her article, and their conversation had surprised her.

“My SIL wants me to return all the rings to them because they claim Daniel paid for them and they now belong to the family because he died,” the widow added. She was adamant about keeping the rings since they remind her of the finest period of her life. “His family is pressuring me to give them these rings,” she wrote. “I’m not sure if they merely want to sell or own them.”

Being asked to return something of such importance is tremendously distressing for anyone, and she had no idea what to do when she was put in this situation.

To top it off, the OP had not anticipated her husband’s family treating her in this manner only six months after his death. Unfortunately, her family has turned against her. “Daniel and I didn’t have kids,” she added, “so I guess I’m (no) longer family.”


The OP was torn between what to do and whether she was justified in being insulted by their request. When she asked for guidance on what she should do, Reddit users came through and offered their support to the bereaved widow.

According to Cafe Mom, one person said, “Asking for a widow’s wedding bands six months after losing her spouse is extremely messed up.” “He paid for them… as gifts for you,” said another. “And because you were his wife, unless he left you a will, his assets will go to you.”

In the comments, there was a lot of sympathy for the OP, and one person even suggested that she go the legal way and said, “Actually, I’d pay an attorney to issue a cease-and-desist letter for the harassment. Even if these rings were heirlooms, the ex-ILs have no claim to them.” “The brutality to a recent widow is amazing,” the commenter said.

The OP has not provided any updates on her current status or what she ended up doing, but it is encouraging to see that she found assistance from an unlikely source after going through such a difficult period.

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