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Heaviest Teenager In The World At 715lbs Gets Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to gain weight.


Thanks to a combination of the sedentary lifestyles we are forced to live in, our stressful environments, the rising costs of living (including that of healthy food), and in some cases even genetics, it is incredibly hard to maintain some kind of healthy weight.

Often we are forced to deal with it the best we can and hope that one day we can live comfortable enough a life that we can devote time and effort to bettering our bodies without having to sacrifice some aspect of living.


Sadly, in some unfortunate cases, trying to ignore the condition of one’s body is impossible, especially when it is so visible.

Jacob Miller was quite a hefty baby when he was born, and remained one throughout his childhood.

His parents, who love him unconditionally, initially did not see any problems with this.


It was easy to assume that this was all baby fat, and once puberty hit most of it should burn off.

This assumption, however, would prove itself to be very wrong.

At age 15, Jacob was the heaviest teenager in the world and undoubtedly in need of help.


His weight of 715 pounds was not only severely disproportionate to his 6’55” height, but it was also starting to cause the usual plethora of health problems that accompany unhealthy body sizes.

Some of the diseases he now had to contend with at such a young age included the likes of diabetes, heart problems, and liver diseases.

Worst of all, the usual methods of helping him slim down were not working. It was clear at this point that this was some kind of medical issue, brought on by biological problems.


Concerned, his parents brought him to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to search for answers.

The doctors there, unfortunately, did not have any immediate answers for the Millers. There was, however, a drastic solution – gastric bypass surgery.

According to the pediatric surgeon Dr. Tom Inge, the human body wasn’t designed to carry around that kind of weight.


The aim presently, therefore, was curb Jacob’s condition the best they could until further research could turn up a cure.

The surgery sounded terrifying, but Jacob’s parents had his best interests at heart and agreed to the procedure.

Jacob, wanting to be as normal as he can, not only agreed to the procedure but took the doctor’s instructions to heart.


After following a suggested diet as strictly as possible, he managed to successfully lose 77 pounds – and this was before the surgery!

Since the procedure 6 months ago, he has lost a ton of weight, to the point of dropping about two to five sizes!

Although Jacob noted that the post-surgery diet, requirements, and conditions had been a challenge to work with and follow, he found it much easier than the pre-surgery procedures he had to adhere to.

Additionally, the improvements in his health and body are so readily visible that it continues to be highly encouraging for him.


Hopefully one day, a cure for his condition can be found, and Jacob can truly live a happy, healthy life.

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