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Her ex threw acid on her face – now look how she looks 10 years later


Sometimes it is said that love is blind and knows no boundaries. And this is what this woman experienced after recovering from an unimaginable trauma.

After her ex-boyfriend poured acid on her face, she had to undergo difficult and painful surgeries.

But just when all hope seemed lost, her life changed forever.


This is Pramodini Roul, 25 years old. She lives in New Delhi, India, and her nickname ‘Rani’ means ‘queen’ in Hindi.

She ran into an ex

One day when Rani was on her way home from school she ran into her ex-boyfriend who was coming her way on a motorcycle. He threw acid on her face as revenge for her refusing his marriage proposal – and Rani
was rushed to the hospital. There she had to undergo five surgeries, where in one of those surgeries they tried to restore the sight in one of her eyes.

Rani was broken. This man ruined her life. For the next four years she lived at home with her mother taking care of her.


Because of the terrible injuries she had to return to the hospital. But there her life was about to change forever. for the better.

One of the nurses asked a friend of hers to host a patient. This friend’s name was Saroj and he immediately felt a connection with Rani. During the following weeks he visited her more and more – and in the end he came to visit her every day.

He encouraged her and gave her positive energy – he told her that she should never stop believing that good things will happen to her.

“I had already lost sight in one eye and the thought of being confined to bed only weighed on me. But Saroj did not lose hope. He encouraged me every day, gave me motivation to be positive”, Rani said.


A love story

Rani and Saroj fell in love. She moved in with him and since then they live together in New Delhi and are currently planning their wedding.

“He loves me as I am. He always encourages me to live life happily. I feel lucky to have him. He understands and is always there for me. It always feels good to be loved and it’s a good feeling to have a

We don’t know what happened to Rani’s ex-boyfriend, but we hope he got the punishment he deserved.

Rani is an amazing woman who deserves to be loved the way Saroj loves her. Nothing can overcome love, it is the strongest power that humans have.


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