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Heroic Teen Grabs 4-Year-Old And Hides In Bathroom As Stranger Breaks Into The Home

Babysitters are usually teenagers who want to make extra cash to buy stuff. Most babysitters are responsible adolescents that love children. When I babysat as a teenager, the thing I worried about the most was making sure the house wasn’t too messy when the parents returned and that the kids I was watching had had a good time (they weren’t going to tell mom and dad that I was mean to them or something).

Savannah Jones, 14, was babysitting her 4-year-old niece, Zoyee in Montclair, California.

hero babysitterImage Credit: CBS

There was a knock on the door. Savannah looked through the peephole and got a terrible feeling in her stomach that this man was up to no good.

hero babysitterImage Credit: CBS

Savannah told Zoyee to run and hide in the bathroom and then called her mom Maria Muratalla. The man started to knock louder and jiggled the doorknob. Savannah ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

hero babysitterImage Credit: CBS

The two girls heard the man rummaging around the house. Savannah was able to text her mom who got a neighbor to call 911. Savannah then focused on trying to keep Zoyee quiet, so the man didn’t know that there was anyone in the house.

It was successful – the two avoided danger by simply hiding.

hero babysitterImage Credit: CBS

The burglar was gone by the time the police arrived. Savannah was certainly a brave young woman in the face of danger!

hero babysitterImage Credit: CBS

Watch the video below to meet Savannah and hear from her yourself. It is sad that our world is so dangerous. Luckily, Savannah rose to the challenge and kept herself and her niece safe from harm!

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