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Hidden Camera Captures Nanny Abusing Her 4-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome


Do you have a babysitter that watches your children while you are at work? Is the sitter taking good care of them?

The Baby Center shared some warning signs that your child is not being cared for properly.

They include: Your child is nervous around the caretaker, your child looks dirty and is always hungry, or the caretaker has secrets about what is done all day.


Many people have set up hidden nanny cams to watch what happens in their home all day.

One family, the Fields, from Lexington, KY, were horrified to see their special needs son, Luke, being dragged around the house by the nanny, Lillian D. White.

White has since been charged with criminal abuse.

Take a look at this video


Sophie’s Law would help get a registry for child care workers.

No child should ever be abused like Luke.

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