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Home Lady Louise to lose royal role as King Charles prefers ‘popular’ members

Lady Louise could be a few members of the royal family amid King Charles’ plans for the slimmed-down monarchy.

Andrew Lownie – the author of the 2021 title Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, said that Lady Louise, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex could lose roles.

Speaking to, Andrew said that it would be a “shame” to have fewer royals on the frontline.

“I think they want the ones that are popular, you know the likes of Lady Louise, but they just don’t clearly want people like Prince Andrew so they have been selective.

“But you know this is a business and they have got a brand, and they want to push the brands that are popular, and not the ones that people don’t want,” he said.

“I suspect that Charlotte and Louis will likely also have some titles because they will be the children of the monarch at some point. But the other royals like Beatrice and Eugenie, in some ways, they’re getting further and further away [.. .] I can’t see them being given titles, I can’t see Prince Edward’s children being given titles or a huge roles,” he continued.

“But I think the irony is that the public do actually want a very active Royal Family. They want to see Royal Family members opening things and there aren’t a lot of them to go round so there is this tension between trying to keep the costs down and focus on the key players,” Andrew continued.

He added: “And the fact that the public do want these people to do things for them and they’re only able to do them if we pay for them.”

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