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Homeless Guy Asks Young Burger King Employee ‘What can I buy for $.50?’ His Response Is an Unexpected Surprise!

The average fast food worker gets paid minimum wage and works long hours. They have to serve a variety of customers and cater to their demands. At some locations workers regularly wait on homeless people and oftentimes they only have a dollar or two to spend on what could be the only food they’ll eat all day.


Such was the case at the Burger King where Matthew Resendez worked. It was located in the not so affluent part of town and so homeless people would frequent the place.

One evening while Matthew was working at the counter a scruffy looking man approached him. After asking what he could get for 50 cents, which would be nothing, Matthew did something completely unexpected.

He rang up the most expensive item on the menu and then paid for it himself out of his own pocket. Naturally, the hungry homeless man was grateful and super happy that he got a big meal for free, all thanks to the kindness of a stranger’s heart. Not only that, Matthew also sat down with the man and kept him company while he ate.


A fellow diner who was also eating at Burger King that night and who had witnessed the selfless transaction went up to Matthew afterwards. The woman handed him a $100 bill as a tip or reward of sorts for being so kind and generous to the homeless man.

Not only did she gift him money, she also wrote a letter to Burger King, letting the corporation know that they had an upstanding and truly caring employee working for them.

When Matthew got home later that night, he told his mother what had happened. While she knew he was a good kid, it was still quite unexpected. Her heart was swelling with pride at the kind gesture and so she decided to share his story, and a picture she’d taken of him in his Burger King uniform smiling and holding up the $100 bill, on Facebook.

The post quickly went viral because people were simply glad to see such a happy, positive story. It gave them a feeling of hope and who doesn’t love a feel-good story?


It’s often said that the homeless are invisible, but for this man at that moment he wasn’t, all thanks to Matthew.

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