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House-Proud Mouse Caught On Camera Tidying Garden Shed

Many people are following the advice of expert Marie Kondo and helping reduce their stress and anxiety levels by doing a better job of keeping things around them tidy and organized.


But in Great Britain, Stephen Mckears wasn’t always putting everything away in its place in his work shed.

So it became a great mystery as to why things like clips and screws that he had left in disarray one day would be organized and in their right place when he visited the shed the following day.

Mckears was scratching head in amazement as to what exactly was going on.


One possibility was that he simply didn’t remember putting things away or maybe he was beginning to show signs of losing his mind.

Was it possible that an entity from the spirit world was visiting the shed on a nightly basis to conduct clean-up chores? He simply couldn’t figure it out.

He devised a test by scattering the entire contents of one small storage bin around the shed.

But when he came in the next day, everything he had dumped on the ground was back in the plastic bin. So Mckears enlisted the aid of his neighbor, Rodney Holbook.


Luckily, Holbook is a professional photographer of wildlife who had an extra camera ready to set up inside the shed to capture whatever action was happening after dark.

When the two men eventually watched what was on film, they were amazed.

Mckears wasn’t losing his memory or his mind and there was no evidence of a helpful ghost.


What the camera did reveal, however, was that a mouse who had taken up residence in the shed turned out to have a penchant for neatness.

Between the hours of 12 midnight and 2:30 in the morning, this neat-freak mouse was cleaning up any displaced items that Mckears had neglected to put away prior to leaving for the day.

Even if the item was heavy, the mouse managed to lift it and place it back in the storage container.

It’s likely you have never seen a mouse with a knack of keeping things clean and well organized.


He serves as an inspiration to everyone, children especially, to keep their living space tidy and neat.

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