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Houston man accused of several burglaries, arrested 63 times in Texas

Houston Man Arrested for 63rd Time: Suspect in Series of Business Burglaries


A Houston man is behind bars again, this time for allegedly burglarizing numerous businesses. With a rap sheet that includes 62 prior arrests and convictions, the suspect is not new to the law enforcement scene.

Detectives say the man, whose name has not been released, is responsible for dozens of burglaries in one particular area of Houston, where restaurants and bars were targeted repeatedly. The suspect has been linked to the crimes through surveillance footage and other evidence collected at crime scenes.

The man’s arrest comes as a relief to local business owners, who have been hit hard by pandemic-related restrictions and closures. Many have struggled to stay afloat, and the added burden of theft and property damage has only made things worse.


“Times are tough enough as it is,” said one restaurant owner who was victimized by the suspect. “We don’t need people stealing from us and making things even harder.”

According to police, the suspect has a long history of criminal activity, including theft, burglary, and drug-related offenses. He has spent time in prison and has been on probation multiple times.

Despite his record, some advocates say that more needs to be done to address the root causes of his behavior. Many repeat offenders have underlying issues such as mental illness or substance abuse problems that are not adequately addressed by the criminal justice system.

“We can’t just keep locking these people up,” said one community organizer. “We need to invest in programs that address the underlying causes of their behavior and provide support and resources to help them turn their lives around.”


For now, the suspect remains in jail, where he faces multiple charges related to the recent burglaries. He is being held on a high bond, and it is unclear if he has retained an attorney or if he will face additional charges related to the suspected crimes. Meanwhile, business owners are hopeful that they will be able to recover from the damage and move forward.

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