How DNA test help family to identify last victim in fatal Windsor Hills crash

It was a black day in the country after the fatal Windsor Hills crash which left six people deceased and eight others injured.

USALOADED learnt that the last deceased victim has been identified by family members using DNA.

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According to CBS LA, the final victim from the fatal crash has been identified as Natiesha Lewis, aged 42.

In a press conference, the deceased family shared that DNA was used to identify Late Natiesha Lewis because the crash made it so hard to identify her body.

She was initially identified as a Jane Doe before the DNA test.

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Her sister Jasmond Nelson said,

“My sister has children that are mourning, that are not aware. It’s just so tragic. It’s kind of unbelievable to even be here having this conversation. My family is broken we are grieving.”

“My only sister was the only sister who could not be identified like everybody else. That’s why we’re here so late. My sister was a Jane Doe because of the actions Nicole Linton took. And we do want just for our sister.”

Natiesha was in the car with her friend, 38-year-old Lynette Noble, heading to the mall when the crash caused by Nicole Linton occurred.

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Unfortunately, Natiesha and Lynette were two of the victims that died due to the crash.

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