How Queen Elizabeth’s death calls for change in the UK National Anthem as there is a new King

A lot of change is set to come now that Queen Elizabeth II has died. With her son, Prince Charles taking over the rule, gone are the days of praising the Queen as a King is now in charge.

One of the many changes that come with this monumental loss is that of the United Kingdom national anthem. As it stated “God Save the Queen”, that will now have to be changed to “God Save the King.”

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All of the lyrics will remain the same, other than “queen” being replaced with “king” and “she” and “her” being replaced with “he” and “him,” reported Insider.

“God Save the King” is not something new to the people of the UK, however, it has been a great deal of time since a King has been in the power seat. The official Royal Family website explains that the anthem was written to honour King George VI.

Queen Elizabeth II is an iconic ruler whose reign has made a mark in history. Prince Charles will now be known as King Charles III as he takes his rightful seat on the thrown where his late mother ruled for 70 years.

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