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HS wrestler strangled ex-girlfriend to death, locked himself in room with body for hours


An Ohio teen is facing murder charges after he allegedly strangled his estranged girlfriend to death and locked himself with her lifeless body for hours, authorities said.

Blake William Linkous, 18, then reportedly emerged from the room with a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest, telling friends: “Natalie’s not waking up.”

Natalie Martin, 18, was the suspect’s ex-girlfriend. They were among a group of high school seniors vacationing in Myrtle Beach when the shocking incident occurred.


A close friend of Natalie revealed that the high school wrestler and the victim broke up last February after he assaulted her in front of their friends.

“He forcefully flung her across the room,” the friend recalled. “He persistently sought to reconcile and constantly apologized to her. He frequently messaged me, seeking advice on how to win her back.”

On the eve of the slaying, Linkous and Martin fought over text messages she was exchanging with another man.

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