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Husband Leaves Pregnant Wife, Weeks Later She Looks In Oven

After trying for years, a woman and her husband finally conceived. However, celebrations were short-lived when the father-to-be decided to leave his very pregnant wife nearly 8 months into the pregnancy. Weeks later, she couldn’t believe what she discovered when she opened the oven in her kitchen.


Amanda and her husband had spent three years trying to get pregnant, but sadly, they faced one failure after another. Then, finally, the couple managed to conceive and all seemed perfect in Amanda’s world. They purchased their first home, completed renovating it, and had settled in when things took a sudden and unexpected turn. Amanda’s husband left, leaving his very pregnant wife to fend for herself.

Needless to say, Amanda was blindsided by her husband’s announcement that he was leaving her when she was nearing 8 months pregnant with their first child. Sadly, he followed through on his promise and disappeared, leaving Amanda scrambling to pay the bills on her own, which proved quite challenging.

Her friend, Anna, saw the expectant mom’s troubles and wanted nothing more than to help Amanda face the challenges created by her new, unexpected situation. Hoping to get a very pregnant Amanda the help she desperately needed, Anna wrote a letter to KIIS 1065, attempting to get the expectant mom an appearance on the station’s “give back” segment, and unbeknownst to Amanda, it worked!


After hearing Amanda’s story, the hosts invited her on their show, but, initially, they didn’t let her know that it was part of their “give back” segment. Instead, Amanda, who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time, thought she was there to share her experience until the show began and the truth was revealed.

Having spent two years and all of their money renovating their home, Amanda thought she and her husband would finally have a good year, but that simply wasn’t going to be the case since her husband had left. “It’s been about five weeks since it happened,” Amanda told the show’s listeners. “And, the biggest thing is just the shock, I guess because it wasn’t really what we planned, or what I planned,” she admitted.

In hopes of keeping the house and raising her child there, Amanda had tried to explore her options, but the finances remained an area of stress and concern. Thankfully, that was all about to change as the host admitted that she too wanted to see Amanda have and raise her baby in the home without having to worry about the financial side of things.

After Amanda finished sharing her story, the hostess asked the mom-to-be to look at the screen set up behind her. Amanda did as requested and watched as her house appeared on the screen. The hostess told her that they’d be taking a virtual tour of the house, but very quickly, Amanda realized something more was going on.


Much to her surprise, Amanda spotted a vacuum cleaner, sponsored by Scrubb Online Cleaning Service, just inside the front door. The host explained that the cleaning service would be cleaning Amanda’s house for the next six months so the new mom wouldn’t have to worry about such chores while tending to a newborn on her own.

Next, the video camera made its way to the kitchen, where it revealed a fridge stocked with Eat Fit Foods, which had agreed to deliver fresh meals daily for three months, giving Amanda yet one less thing to worry about. In addition to the groceries, Amanda’s kitchen was loaded with $4,000 of baby gear that had been stacked on the table.

The haul included a stroller, car seat, change table, and baby monitor, but that wasn’t all. What’s more, Baby Village had thrown in a $1000 voucher for baby photography too, but even that wasn’t the end of the blessings a pregnant Amanda was about to receive. As she sat in stunned disbelief with tears in her eyes, the host then suggested they check the oven.

So, the camera panned towards the appliance, which had a towel hanging over the handle. The oven door was then opened to reveal what was inside. Amanda nearly fell off her chair when she laid eyes on a wad of cash, bundled together in the bottom of the oven, as the host explained that Middlesex Academy Learning Centre had donated $10,000 to help Amanda pay her mortgage.


“I can’t tell you how much this means to me,” Amanda said, crying uncontrollably as her friend, Anna, sat beside her, showing just as much excitement and gratitude for the “give back” as the expectant mother. “This means I don’t have to move!”

Amanda exclaimed as sobs rocked her pregnant body, making it difficult for her to even get the words out. Thanks to many companies willing to come together to give back, Amanda could look towards the future with excitement, just as a pregnant mother should.

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