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‘I had to sacrifice’: Sammie reveals how many days it took him before He saw breakthrough

In a recent Instagram post, Sammie speaks on struggles he’s faced in the last decade.

Sammie started his music journey at 12, We can say it hasn’t been easy for him scaling through the music industry. He had a hit song “I like It” which was released in 1999.

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In a recent post on Instagram, Sammie opened up about the hardships he’s endured while trying to reignite his career. He got candid about the struggles he’s faced in the last decade.

June 30th 2016 (I went viral for the 1s time via The Shade Roon)…I was four mortgages behind in attempt to fund my career and take care of my family simultaneously & car-less for 3 years. I had to sacrifice the turn ups and living well in order to set myself up for THE now.”

That lead to 4 record deals. 3 albums, 5 ep’s and now 5 worldwide tours in the last 6 yrs (I’m on 6yr run). 4/20 2018 I reached six figures and from there I just kept building. It took 2,555 days before I saw my breakthrough (that’s 7yrs for those doing the math.”

And quite honestly thought I’m humbled and blessed beyond measure, I’m far from done or satisfied! I dream BIG because my God is BIGGER. Keep going world.”

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