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I wasn’t targeting Aries Spears in my VMA speech – Lizzo clarifies

Lizzo clarified that she wasn’t targeting Aries Spears in the comments she made during her VMA speech last night.

Lizzo continues to dominate the charts and the award shows. Last night, she won Video For Good award at the VMAs for “About Damn Time” last night, which she used to urge people to register to vote. However, she capped off the speech with a message that many perceived to be targetting Aries Spears. The comedian made some hurtful comments about Lizzo’s weight that sparked controversy on the timeline. Lizzo appeared to brush it off last night in her speech.

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“Now, to the bitches that got something to say about me in the press. You know what? I’m not gonna say nothing! Why don’t you clap back? Because bitch, I’m winning,” she said, referencing Nicki Minaj’s infamous 2015 VMA speech.

As many perceived that to be a shot directed at Spears, Lizzo took to Twitter shortly after to clarify her comments. Though Spears might be the most prominent voice to rail against Lizzo in recent times, she said that the message was towards anyone who mentioned her name for clout.

“Lemme make one thing VERY clear— I wasn’t addressing anybody in my speech last night.. I was addressing EVERYBODY,” she wrote.

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Aries Spears comments last week found him facing significant backlash on the Internet. Shortly after, he and Mike Epps exchanged words online before Spears revealed that Epps blocked him on social media.

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