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Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Had Pictures of One of the Victims on His Phone: Report

Idaho quadruple murder suspect Bryan Kohberger had pictures of one of the victims on his phone.


Bryan Kohberger, 28, is accused of fatally stabbing 20-year-old Ethan Chapin of Conway, Washington; 21-year-old Madison Mogen of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; 20-year-old Xana Kernodle of Avondale, Arizona; and 21-year-old Kaylee Goncalves of Rathdrum, Idaho on November 13.

According to People, Kohberger had “more than one picture” of one of the female victims stored on his phone.

Kohberger also reportedly messaged one of the female victims on Instagram two weeks before the murders.


According to an investigator, Kohberger repeatedly messaged one of the victims on Instagram – and his messages went unanswered.

“He slid into one of the girls’ DMs several times, but she didn’t respond,” an investigator told People. “Basically, it was just him saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But he did it again and again.”

People reported:

The man accused of killing four University of Idaho students last November allegedly had pictures of one of the female victims on his phone, a source familiar with the investigation tells PEOPLE.

A phone that belonged to Bryan Kohberger was collected after his arrest. According to the source, authorities found pictures of the victim on the device. The source did not specify whether they were photos that he had taken of her or if they were downloaded from her social media.

“He had more than one picture of her,” the source says. “It was clear that he was paying attention to her.”

According to the court documents, Kohberger’s DNA was found on a tan leather knife sheath left behind on Maddie Mogen’s bed on the 3rd floor at the King Road Residence.


“The sheath was later processed and had ‘Ka-Bar’ ‘USMC’ and the United States Marine Corps eagle globe and anchor insignia stamped on the outside of it,” Idaho police officer Brett Payne wrote in the 19-page affidavit. “The Idaho state lab later located a single source of male DNA (suspect Profile) left on the button snap of the knife sheath.”

Police also executed a search warrant at Kohberger’s Pullman, WA apartment which was located approximately 10 miles from the crime scene.

The search warrant was unsealed last month.

Police found one nitrite type glove, 13 possible hair strands (one possible animal hair strand), 1 collection of dark red spot (possible blood), 2 cuttings from uncased pillow of reddish/brown stain (possible blood) among other pieces of evidence.


No weapons were recovered.

“The King Road Residence contained a significant amount of blood from the victims including spatter and castoff (blood stain pattern resulting from blood drops released from an object due to its motion) which, based on my training, makes it likely that this evidence was transferred to Kohberger’s person, clothing, or shoes,” the document states, according to Law & Crime. “Based on the locations of the suspect vehicle and [Kohberger’s] phone immediately following the murders, it is probable that Kohberger went home to his residence at 1630 NE Valley Rd. At that time, it is likely that he still had blood or other trace evidence on his person/clothes/shoes, including skin cells or hai from the victims or from Goncalves’ dog. It is likely that some trace evidence was transferred to areas in his apartment through contact with the items worm during the attack.”

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26 at 9 am.

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