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‘I’m Black Jesus,’: NBA Star Ja Morant says after tipping Waitress $500, video goes viral

A viral video captures the moment NBA star Ja Morant left a $500 tip to an ecstatic waitress, tells her that He is “I’m Black Jesus,”

In the video viral video carefully monitored by BuzzShade, the 22-year-old Morant was being filmed as part of a docu-series on YouTube by his videographer “Shot By Nie” at the time of the viral exchange.

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Morant and his friends were at lunch in a Florida restaurant when the rising NBA star tipped the waitress $500.

“Who are you?” she jokingly asked after receiving the generous tip.

“I’m Black Jesus,” he deadpans back. “Naw you some kind of professional, what do you play, football? Basketball?” she asks.

Morant responded in the affirmative for the latter, before the befuddled waitress asks him who he plays for, and that’s when she starts putting together who is sitting in front of her.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

When he tells her he plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, her “new favorite team” a member of his team jokes, her eyes open wide as her mouth begins to drop as it dawns on her who he is.

“That’s the team that boy, Ja, plays for. That’s him?” she exclaims as she points at Morant. “That’s him! You that boy!” she says in disbelief before running off in excitement to tell her co-workers.

Meanwhile, Morant’s Grizzlies’ teammate Jaren Jackson Jr. took to Twitter afterwards to relish the fact that “Black Jesus” was trending on social media.

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