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‘I’m not pregnant, I’m fat’: Nicki Minaj speaks on Pregnancy rumors

Nicki Minaj while on live video speak on rumors flying online that she is pregnant.

Rumour mongers started their activities after Nicki Minaj’s performance at this year’s Essence Festival. They started to question if Nicki Minaj could be expecting another baby.

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On Saturday night, Nicki Minaj took to IG live to address the rumor when some fans began to ask in her comment section if she was pregnant.

She said, “Yeah I’m not fat guys I’m pregnant.” She quickly corrected herself and said, “Oh wait…did I say it wrong? Oh I’m sorry, I think I said it wrong. I meant to say I’m not pregnant, I’m fat,” and then busted out into laughter.

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Nicki Minaj also went ahead to thank her fans for their congratulatory messages although she said she isn’t expecting new baby soon.

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