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It’s Too Early to Say Whether Trump’s Strategy Will Be Successful – What do you think?

Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance believes that Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with the criminal classified documents case against him is to hope that at least one juror will be a die-hard supporter who will refuse to convict him.

Vance, who spent 20 years as a federal prosecutor, made this assessment in an interview on MSNBC on Thursday night. She said that if this were a typical case, Trump’s lawyers would likely be negotiating a plea deal, but that they may not be willing to do so in this case because Trump is hoping for a “jury nullification” outcome.

Jury nullification occurs when jurors acquit a defendant even though the evidence clearly shows that the defendant is guilty. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including when jurors believe that the law is unjust or that the defendant has been unfairly targeted.

Vance said that it is possible that Trump is hoping that one or more jurors in his case will be die-hard supporters who will refuse to convict him, even if the evidence is overwhelming. She said that this is a “healthy side dose of delay tactics” that Trump is using in addition to his hope for jury nullification.

Vance’s assessment is supported by the fact that Trump has repeatedly attacked the Justice Department and the FBI, calling them “corrupt” and “political.” He has also repeatedly claimed that the case against him is a “witch hunt.” These attacks could be an attempt to sow doubt in the minds of potential jurors and make them more likely to acquit him.

It is too early to say whether Trump’s strategy will be successful. However, Vance’s assessment suggests that Trump is not taking the case lightly and is hoping for a favorable outcome.

Watch the clip below or click here.

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