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‘I’ve already covered mine’: Porsha’s Ex-Fiancé says as she move to remove their matching tattoo

Recently, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star, Porsha Williams shared the process of getting matching tattoo with ex-fianceé removed, which looked painful. Porsha captioned the post,

“Babyyyyyy, I’m down for the tattoo removal, but Hunty, I’ll be back when I get some numbing cream!! “That’ll do it. I’m out. #ImmediatelyNo #TattooRemoval”

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Recall that Porsha revealed that she had the matching tattoo of a cross, heart, and dollar sign on an episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ in November 2018.

In the episode, a caller said, “I just wanted to know, Porsha: If Dennis gets your name tattooed… would you do the same for him?”

Porsha responded,” We already have a matching tattoo. We not only have a whole child on the way, but we have a matching tattoo together, He likes tattoos!”

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Meanwhile, Dennis McKinley, the ex-fiancé of Porsha Williams have reacted after she began the process of removing the tattoo. He stated that He has already covered his own matching tattoo.

The business owner posted on his Instagram story, “I been covered up mine. You late, my baby.”

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