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Jobless Mom-Of-12 Known As ‘Queen Of Benefits’ Who Collects Nearly $50K Per Year Arrested

Cheryl Prudham, a 34 year-old mother of 12 children had reportedly stolen over $12,000 in change from local parking meters.

Having been the subject of controversy in the media before, she had also recently collected over $49,000 in a year as welfare money.

Earning herself the nickname, “Queen of Benefits.”

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She had been spotted earlier in the year when she was out looking for a Mercedes near her home in Wigan, Lancashire.

Cheryl’s estranged husband, Robert Prudham, was also charged with stealing change from local parking meters.

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He had taken an amount of $12,886 in change from the parking meters and also failed to admit to his past criminal records at a recruitment firm.

Cheryl was therefore accused of handling the stolen cash. However, there was also another accomplice, a 27 year-old man named Jacob Undertown.

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Even though they have all been accused of the same crime, neither of them had admitted to it.

A part-time cleaner, Cheryl had conceived 6 of her children with two different men before conceiving another 6 with her husband, Robert.

Cheryl had admitted to suffer an addiction with pregnancy and wanted 1 more child to gain more welfare money.

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Cheryl stated that since she had children most of her life, she wanted to reward herself with breast enhancement surgery.

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After her split with Robert, Cheryl stated that she had no interest in men but just only having children.

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