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Julia Wandelt thinks she is Madeleine McCann, gets DNA test results

A WOMAN who thought she was Madeleine McCann finally got the results of her long-awaited DNA test. Julia Wandelt, 21, recently stated on social media that she misses Maddie. Julia stated she had identical facial features, had been abused as a child, and started to question her parentage.


Dr. Fia Johansson, a private investigator, swiftly took up the case and flew Julia from Poland to Los Angeles after she started receiving threats and vile comments from internet haters. Dr. Johansson organized for Julia to provide samples in the US for detailed DNA studies, including a 23andMe-style DNA test that showed her ancestry.

And The Sun claimed this morning that the 21-year-old’s test findings proved she is not Maddie, who went missing from her family’s Portuguese vacation apartment in 2007. The test investigated her ancestry and found that she is of Polish origin, with Lithuanian and Romanian ancestors.

Julia was on a plane returning to her folks within hours of receiving her results. Wendell sought DNA testing after claiming she thought she was Madeleine and wanted to reach Kate and Gerry McCann. Her DNA, however, was not matched to the McCanns’.


“She is absolutely 100% from Poland,” Dr. Johansson told RadarOnline. “She is a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian but the test results show she is Polish.” Julia had returned home, according to the private investigator, who posted a message on New York Post.

She wrote: “The DNA test results did not show any connection to British or even German roots. “This story is much more complicated than a simple girl from a small town in Poland making a claim to get attention. “She truly believed what she was saying, and with so many questions about her childhood, it is easy to understand where she was coming from.

“What is amazing is the parents’ refusal to resolve this nagging question for Julia. “In any case, upon the revelation, she decided to be back with her dad. I personally wish her well.” Julia flew to the US after receiving threats, one of which claimed there was a 30,000 euro reward on her head.

Dr. Johansson also spent nearly a week in Poland researching Julia’s allegations and trying to convince her parents to agree to a DNA test. Julia is also anxiously awaiting the findings of additional health tests because doctors suspect she has leukemia, according to Dr. Johansson, who spoke to The Sun with Julia’s permission.


She said: “Her health is very poor she has bad asthma and she suffers lots of pain in her bones. “She is booked in for a CT and MRI scan because of the pain in her bones.

“Her blood work is also abnormal so my doctor here in the US is investigating whether she could have leukemia so we are awaiting the results of that. “And if she needs any treatment we will make sure she gets that.”

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