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Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel wants to sell Hollywood Hills home for $35 mil after buying it $8.3 mil 20 years ago

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel wants to sell Hollywood Hills villa for a whopping sum 35 million dollars after acquiring it in 2002.

Hollywood Hills villa has served as Justin’s L.A. headquarters since 2002 after He bought the estate for just 8.3 million dollars. That’s 20 years ago.

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Let’s do some calculations base on the buying and selling price to see if He is on profit or loss.

35 – 8.3 = 26.7

Wow! He is on at profit of 26.7 million dollars. Damn you, inflation!!! This is awesome for him and his family.

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Over the years, He met Jess, had a family — and seriously spruced up the place with some major renovations. He also added a monster pool in the backyard plus other bells and whistles. If you ask me, this is kind of investment for him.

Some Photos of Hollywood Hills home

Some Properties of Hollywood Hills home

  1. It sits on a 10-acre lot
  2. 7-bedrooms and 13-bathrooms
  3. Private screening room
  4. A personal gym
  5. A tennis court (with lights)
  6. A gourmet kitchen
  7. A guest house to boot.

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