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King Charles Offers New Role to Marquess of Colmondeley in Royal Court

According to a report by the UK Express, the Marquess, who happens to be a neighbor to Prince William and Princess Catherine, will now serve as the King’s Lord-in-waiting, following his replacement as Lord Great Chamberlain last year.

As the King’s Lord-in-waiting, the Marquess will have the responsibility of attending important state and royal occasions, as well as representing the monarch at official events when called upon.

With his extensive experience as a filmmaker and his close proximity to the royal family, he is deemed to be an ideal fit for this role.

David Roksovich and his wife Rose Hanbury reside at the splendid Hooton Hall, a magnificent estate located in Norfolk, which boasts a sprawling 1,000-acre parkland.

Interestingly, the estate is situated just two miles away from the Queen’s Sandringham home, where the Prince and Princess of Wales frequently spend their Christmas holidays.

The Marquess and Marchioness have maintained amicable relations with the royal family and are often seen attending royal events.

Notably, they were present at the service of Thanksgiving for Prince Philip in 2022.

Furthermore, the Marchioness has a familial connection to the monarchy, as her grandmother Lady Rose Lambert served as a bridesmaid at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947.

The appointment of the Marquess of Cholmondeley as the King’s Lord-in-waiting is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the royal family and his distinguished reputation.

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