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LadyC Stopped Haz’s Plan Of Providing Diana’s Legacy To Meghan By Declaring Assets Belong To William

The declaration comes after Harry announced plans to provide Meghan Markle with a share of the inheritance. However, Anne has said that this is not possible, as the assets are owned by the Crown and cannot be passed on to anyone else.

The decision is a blow to Harry, who had hoped to use the money to help support Markle and their family. However, it is also a sign of the growing rift between the two brothers.

Anne’s decision is based on the principle of primogeniture, which states that the eldest son inherits the property of his parents. In this case, William is the eldest son, so he is the rightful heir to Diana’s assets.

Harry has previously said that he does not agree with the principle of primogeniture, and that he believes that the assets should be shared equally between him and William. However, Anne has made it clear that she is not willing to change the rules.

The decision is likely to further strain relations between Harry and William. The two brothers have been estranged for some time, and this latest dispute is unlikely to help.

It remains to be seen how Harry will respond to Anne’s decision. However, it is clear that he is not happy with the situation. In a recent interview, he said that he felt “trapped” by the rules of the royal family.

The dispute over Diana’s assets is just the latest in a series of problems that Harry and Meghan have faced since they stepped back from their royal duties. The couple has also been involved in a number of legal battles, and they have faced a great deal of negative publicity.

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