List of Greenland Zip/Postal code, currency, population, capital & more

Before we dive into Greenland Zip or Postal code, below are some important details about Greenland you should know.

Country Name: Greenland

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Country Code: GL
Country Alph3 Code: GRL
Country Numeric Code 304
Capital: Nuuk

Country Demonym: Greenlanders
Total Area: 2166086
Population: 56565
Idd Code: 299
Currency Code: DKK

Currency Name: Danish Krone
Currency Symbol: kr.
Language Code: DA
Language Name: Danish
Cctlid: gl

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Municipalities in greenland

Greenland has 5 municipalities, they are:

  1. Avannaata
  2. Kujalleq
  3. Qeqertalik
  4. Qeqqata
  5. Sermersooq

Greenland has 2 autonomous municipalities (Kalaallit Nunaat and Kujalleq) and 21 municipalities (Qeqqata, Qeqertalik, Sermersooq, Nanortalik, Uummannaq, Aasiaat, Upernavik, Paamiut, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Narsaq, Qaqortoq and Ittoqqortoq).

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Greenland’s capital Nuuk is located in the southern part of the country and home to approximately half of the population. The second largest city is Sisimiut with 8% of Greenland’s population.

The smallest municipality by population size is Qaasuitsup Municipality with about 5000 inhabitants.

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Avannaata, Kujalleq, Qeqertalik, Qeqqata, and Sermersooq

The municipalities of Greenland are the second-level administrative divisions of Greenland. They are defined by geographical areas, each comprising an average of 16 settlements (smaller than villages), and they are divided into 3 regions: West Greenland, Northeast Greenland and East Greenland. The municipalities have their own governments and assemblies, with elected mayors. The municipalities comprise 179 settlements (2018) with a total population of 47,512 (2018).

Greenland has three regions: West Greenland Region, Northeast Greenland Region and East Greenland Region. These three regions are part of the two larger administrative areas: Nord for West and Northeast for Northeast. Each region can be further divided into subregions called Syssel (singular Syssel).

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The municipalities in each of these subregions are further divided into Kommuner (singular Kommune; “municipality”). Each municipality has its own government led by a mayor and municipal council which oversees matters such as education, social welfare and culture but its budget remains under the control of the central government.

The largest municipality by land area is also Qaasuitsup Municipality which covers over one-third of Greenland’s landmass.

Zip/Postal Codes In Greenland

  1. Aasiaat: 3950
  2. Alluitsup Paa: 3919
  3. Arsuk: 3932
  4. Constable Pynt: 3985
  5. Danmarkshavn: 3984
  6. Ikerasassuaq: 3924
  7. Ilulissat: 3952
  8. Ittoqqortoormiit: 3980
  9. Kangaatsiaq: 3955
  10. Kangerlussuaq: 3910
  11. Kangilinnguit: 3930
  12. Kulusuk: 3915
  13. Maniitsoq: 3912
  14. Mestervi: 3982
  15. Nanortalik: 3922
  16. Narsaq: 3921
  17. Narsarsuaq : 3923
  18. Nuuk: 3900
  19. Nuussuaq: 3905
  20. Paamiut: 3940
  21. Pituffik: 3970
  22. Qaanaaq: 3971
  23. Qaarsut: 3964
  24. Qaqortoq: 3920
  25. Qasigiannguit : 3951
  26. Qeqertarsuaq: 3953
  27. Santa Claus/Julemanden: 2412
  28. Sisimiut: 3911
  29. Slaedepatruljen Sirius: 3992
  30. Station Nord: 3972
  31. Tasiilaq : 3913
  32. Upernavik: 3962
  33. Uummannaq : 3961

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