Listen to Fivio Foreign – God Did freestyle

Fivio Foreign make references Ma$e’s Feud With Diddy on this Freestyle.

Fivio Foreign has taken on the instrumental for his latest freestyle. Fivi pops his shit, detailing the long list of successes he’s witnessed within the past year. He also gives shouts out to Jay-Z and Beyonce, while boasting of Kanye’s co-sign. Elsewhere, he admits that he felt a type of way about Khaled not reaching out to him for a verse on his album.

Perhaps the most notable part fo the record is Fivio’s reference to his feud with Mase. “Brought Mase back to life, man, that’s a million dollars worth of game/ Ha, that nigga lied, talkin’ about I’m scared of who… He ain’t even wanna say it/ I see it in his eyes/ And you still hate Diddy, so how I’m lettin’ that shit slide?” he raps.
Quotable Lyrics
I went verse for verse with the top legends and survived
N***a, I did more than the above
And I believed them when they told me it was love
But when I asked for a favor back, they act like I was bugged
I ain’t sayin’ names but them n***as know who they was

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