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Little Boy Finds Abandoned Stroller with Newborn Girl in Park, Years Later They Meet Again

When Eric went to the park on that fateful day, he was just 7 years old. He was intrigued by the barrenness of the environment. Eric saw something odd while scanning the playground with his eyes. He noticed a black form near the swingset out of the corner of his eye. Eric identified the weird device as a baby stroller when he got near for a better look.


Eric could hear the gentle sounds of an infant as he got closer.

He examined the pram more closely and spotted a small message next to the little girl’s drink. Eric managed to catch a few words despite not being able to read the text completely. When he realized the infant had been abandoned, he went home to seek assistance from his parents.

Eric’s mother, Natalie, was doing the dishes when she peered out the window and saw Eric approaching. With a stroller in front of him, he was running at full speed. Natalie raced outdoors, terrified, to see what was happening on.


“Eric! Why are you pushing a stroller? “How did you come across it?”

“Mom! Someone had abandoned her in the park! Quickly read the note!” Eric reacted. Natalie reached into the pram, perplexed and concerned, to read the note. Natalie grabbed her mouth in horror as she comprehended what the letter said and murmured, “Oh god…”

Madison, who was 18 at the time, couldn’t keep her infant kid any longer, according to the brief letter. Madison’s boyfriend had lately passed away, and her in-laws were unwilling to keep her and the kid. Madison abandoned her toddler in the park, hoping that someone would discover her without a job or a place to live.

Eric begged his mum to retain the child.


“Can we keep her, please, mom?” She’s only a toddler… I’ll even assist!”

“Sorry, kid,” Natalie said, “but that isn’t how these things work.” This must be reported to the authorities. When your father gets home, I’ll have to speak with him.”

Fred, Eric’s father, saw his family acting strangely when he arrived home from work that evening.

“Eric, go to your room. Please address this with your father and myself,” Natalie informed her son. Fred stared at Natalie puzzled before noticing the stroller in the room. Natalie sighed heavily as she handed Fred the note that had been left in the pram.


“I can’t believe someone would abandon her…”

She can’t be older than six months. “Madeline is such a great baby name,” he added, reading the letter in its whole.

“How are we going to deal with Madeline, Fred?” Natalie had enquired of her hubby. “All we can do now is report it to the authorities and hope the mother returns for her child,” Fred responded.

Natalie and Fred decided to keep the baby that night, planning to inform a social worker the next morning. Eric battled with his parents about keeping Madeline because she was so sweet and quiet.


“Don’t be concerned, Eric. Madeline will be adopted very quickly! Natalie informed her son, “There will be a lot of mommies and daddies who want her in their lives.”

Madeline was picked up by the social worker the next morning and taken to the orphanage.

“May we pay her a visit now and then?” Natalie approached the social worker and inquired.

“Do you intend to adopt her?”


“No, we’ve simply grown really attached to her in such a short period of time, and my son Eric is quite upset about it all.”

The social worker agreed and smiled, even though she thought the request was strange. As a result, Eric was free to visit Madeline whenever he pleased. Over time, the two became close friends, and Eric and Madeline thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Eric made a commitment to Madeline as the years passed and he grew into a teenager.

“No adult will ever be able to separate us, no matter what happens.” Madeline, I’ll always be there for you, and we’ll always be great friends. We’ll always find a way to communicate.”


Madeline was overjoyed when she heard Eric express those heartfelt words, and she agreed. “Oh Eric! You’re also one of my best friends, and I’ll always find you!”

Natalie waved goodbye to Madeline as she and Eric went for the day. Fred told Natalie how lovely it was to see Eric so happy when he spent time with Madeline, and that they should have adopted her. Natalie was confident in their decision and assured Fred that it was for the best.

Eric didn’t see Madeline at the orphanage again after that. She was not present when he, Natalie, and Fred went to see her the following week. She had been adopted by a wonderful family from upstate New York. Eric was overcome with sadness.

“But mom, this isn’t fair!” cried the youngster to his mother. I promised she’d never leave me, and now she’s gone! “Why didn’t you just adopt her?” you might wonder.


“You know what, Eric?” Natalie encouraged her son. Madeline is currently with a new family who adores her and considers herself fortunate to have her in their lives. You may be apart for the time being, but I have a feeling you will reunite.”

For the following few years, Eric was enraged by the circumstance. Eric was heartbroken despite his mother’s assurances that he and Madeline would meet again. He continued to look for Madeline but received no responses. As he grew older, he let go of most of his rage toward his mother and understood that she might be correct about him and Madeline one day.

Eric was 22 years old when he received a notification while browsing Facebook. A woman named Madeline had sent me a friend request. Is it possible?

“Is it really you, Maddie?”


“Yes!! It is, in fact, me!! Even though I was only a child at the time, I recognized you from the orphanage. You were the most fortunate thing that could have happened to me. I also remembered our vow to one another.”

Eric and Madeline remained in touch over Messenger for the next few years. The two exchanged life tales and caught up on one other’s successes and failures. Eric informed her that he is studying in business, and Madeline informed him that she is returning to his hometown.

Eric was overjoyed to see Madeline again, despite his disbelief. Madeline was beaming from ear to ear as he greeted her with flowers at the airport. She’d brought her folks on the airplane with her and introduced them to Eric.

“This is Eric, mom and dad.” “The orphanage lad who rescued me.”


That night, the three of them shared supper, and as Eric was departing, he asked Madeline out on a date. She joyfully consented, and the two spent a few years together before Eric proposed.

They’ve been married for nearly 40 years and have kept their word to each other. Their wedding vows contained a part of the pledge they made back at the orphanage, proving that they were never apart.

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