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Lonely 90-year-old Lady Leaves A Touching Note On Neighbor’s Door Asking For Company

It happens far too often for elderly people to live alone. Many elderly people are left alone and without support as their offspring start their own families and relocate.


A 90-year-old woman from San Francisco, California named Wanda has been aching for some company for a very long time. She finally made up her mind to act, mustered the guts, and wrote a moving note on one of her neighbors’ front doors.

Marleen Brooks was “heartbroken” when she read the handwritten note, but she was also relieved that she would meet a new friend.

Would you think about being my friend, the note asked. 90 years old and living alone My pals are all gone now. I feel so alone and afraid. I beg for you, please.


Wanda had a visit from Marleen on that day. She greeted her elderly neighbor, brought some cupcakes, and spent some time together.Marleen realized there were others like Wanda out there who were lonely and in need of company, so she made the decision to tell Frank Somerville of KTVU News about this new relationship. The visit was wonderful. She thought it might inspire others to reach out to and support their senior neighbors.

“Frank!She’s such a lovely woman!And when we arrived, she was ecstatic.I hope you didn’t think I was stupid for writing you, but I had to take action, Wanda said.I really appreciate you coming over.Even after 50 years, I have no acquaintances among my neighbors.Three of Wanda’s sons passed away from cancer last year.The other two don’t reside close by.

She is 90 years old, using oxygen, and suffering from osteoporosis and congestive heart disease, among other conditions.We brought her cupcakes because we didn’t have enough time to make banana bread due to work.I also let her know that she may contact us whenever she wanted and that I would return to see her.Wanda and I will undoubtedly have a blast together.


Thousands of people were moved by the tale. Frank responded, saying, “I love this story. And I’m over the moon for Wanda. However, as I noted in my opening essay, Wanda is not alone; there are a great number of people who share her loneliness. I’d suggest that you think about going to their door and introducing yourself. It would mean the world to them, I know that. And who knows? You might meet someone new.

I think we should all be supportive of one another, just like Marleen did.

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