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Lust-Driven Duo Resorts to Unspeakable Acts with an Innocent Pig


In New South Wales, Australia, the Lismore local court denied bail to two young men brought into police custody.

They were accused of molesting of Polly the pig and killing multiple chickens on a property named Djanbung Permaculture Gardens, located in Nimbin.

Bradley Presbury was 20 years-old and Reece Parke was 22.


The duo were charged with two counts of animal torture and cause of death, as well as one count of bestiality.

These charges could total a sentence of 14 years’ jail time for both.

Polly the pig survived the ordeal, but sustained multiple injuries in her abdomen and snout area.

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Evidence such as blood samples and DNA evidence will be brought forward as a briefing case.

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Meanwhile, investigators await the results of the evidence obtained from the crime scene.

The duo are still currently behind bars.

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