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Man Allegedly Cooked Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog And Served It To Her As Dinner

A man from California by the name of Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh was dumped by his girlfriend and was having a hard time accepting it.

Ryan proceeded to stalk her, physically abused her, and even threatened her.At one point, they reconciled, and Ryan cooked a meal for her – but it didn’t last, and they broke up again.

Turns out that right about the time they reconciled, the woman’s Pomeranian, Bear, had gone missing.

After he had cooked her the make-up dinner, he called her to ask how the dog tasted – he said the meal he made contained meat from her missing dog!

This is just horrible. Can you imagine the poor woman’s condition?

Several days later, Ryan left a package on her front steps, inside were dogs paws, which were identified as Bear’s.

Take a look at this video

When questioned by the police, Ryan denied killing the dog, but he was charged with domestic abuse and animal abuse after police searched his apartment.

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