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Man Commands Innocent 2-Year-Old to Raise His Tiny Hands, What He Does Next Will Leave You Shattered! Prepare to Be Horrified!


When a couple fights, children are often unwillingly dragged into their quarrels, resulting in a dire and horrible outcome nobody would want.

This story is an unfortunate tale of a two-year-old child named Jamil Baskerville Jr.

Zachary Tricoche, a 24-year-old man hailing from Pennsauken, New Jersey, was fighting with Jamil’s mother.


It was over a bunch of groceries from the local supermarket. In anger, he punched the boy and sent him flying, with his head hitting the wall.

Jamil tried to get up, but Zachary continued to take his anger out on him and delivered a final punch to his chest.

He had told the boy to lift his arms up before doing so. Jamil started to puke, and passed out.

Doctors were not able to save him – Jamil had severe internal bleeding as his liver was damaged by the punches.


However, Jamil’s death was ruled as only a homicide due to trauma caused on his head, resulting in his death.

Zachary Tricoche’s bail is worth one million dollars. Rest in peace, Jamil.

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