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Man Drugs 2-Year-Old Baby With Cocaine So He Can Abuse Her While The Mom Lets Him

Cases of abuse against children seem to be more common but are no less shocking despite their regularity.


Recently, a shocking case of child abuse came to light for law enforcement in Madison County, Illinois when a two-year-old was taken for medical help by her mother.

Staff at the medical facility immediately identified abuse against the child and called in law enforcement to investigate further.

The shocking details of the case came to the attention of the public when they were released after the child’s mother, Lacey Take and her partner, Matthew Miller appeared in court.


The details of the case are shocking and reveal the lack of care for her daughter from 31-year-old Take and the depravity of 40-year-old Miller.

The case against the two detailed the two-year-old was assaulted by Miller on at least two occasions on July 10th and 23rd.

Authorities believe Take knew her daughter had been sexually assaulted by Miller, but she failed to inform law enforcement or medical professionals of the abuse.

It is believed the mother of the child continued to leave Miller alone with her daughter despite the abuse she had already suffered.


Court papers reveal the shocking events of the two weeks endured by the infant who has been taken to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Police believe the couple was using cocaine prior to the abuse of the two-year-old with reports stating the drug was used to subdue the child during the periods of abuse.

Miller is accused of sexually assaulting the child and biting her during the attacks which police believe took place two weeks apart.

When medical assistance was finally sought for the child following the second assault that took place on June 23rd, medical staff at Anderson Hospital, Troy, Illinois called in police because they suspected abuse had taken place.


Police reports show medical staff identified human bites covering the body of the two-year-old, including those identified on her leg, foot, and hand.

Appearing in court, the couple were charged with a range of crimes including three charges of sexual assault and four of aggravated battery for Matthew Miller.

Police do not believe Lacey Take took part in the sexual abuse of her daughter but they do agree she was complicit in knowing the abuse was ongoing and failed to act in the interests of the child.

Take was eventually charged with two counts of child endangerment and permitting sexual abuse of a child.


The seriousness of the crimes committed by Take and Miller was shown in the high level of bail set at $1 million for Miller and $500,000 for Take.

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